Why wear synthetics when you’re exercising in nature? For hikers, runners, road cyclists, mountain bikers, skiers, snowboarders and a host of other athletes, there’s nothing than the benefits of merino wool.

“…amazing… takes hard abuse.”

– Adam Colton

“I had no idea that one of your t-shirts would do so well as a travel shirt in hot, humid equatorial South Pacific.”

– Lyle Neville

“Our new Icebreaker gear was perfect for what we were doing as we had limited room in our motorbike boxes.”

– Lyndon Conner

“Everyone else on our trip was spending time doing laundry…but I just kept on having fun because my shirts didn’t stink!”

– Debra Gagner

“The merino cycling top has performed brilliantly in all places — it does what Icebreaker says it will: it keeps me cool in the heat and warm in the cold.”

– Helena, Icebreaker fan

“I don’t normally write to companies about their products, but this purchase experience was so good that I felt compelled to do so… I have never made a clothing purchase that has impacted my life is such a positive manner and I appreciate it.”

– Drew Buzzell, Icebreaker Fan, Los Angeles, CA

“Perfect for a spot of mountaintop yoga! Warm, but also cool, flexible and supercomfy.”

– Nick White, Portland, OR

“My Icebreaker keeps the Southern California sun off my skin and keeps me cool on the trail. It’s the best piece of hiking equipment I own.”

– Pete Flanagan, Los Angeles, CA

“After six torrid hours, leg cramps and gazillion river crossings, my Icebreaker GT150 (and my Icebreaker GT260) crossed the finishing line on our first ever Off Road Marathon.”

– Lisa Schofield, Icebreaker fan, Australia

Press Reviews

Icebreaker is a Natural

Time Magazine,
Global Edition, 22 March 2010

As a young man in New Zealand, Jeremy Moon became fond of sheep. Wait a minute, let’s start that again. As a newly minted cultural anthropologist making a living in market research, Jeremy Moon was given a T-shirt by a farmer…

Evangelist in sheep’s clothing

Financial Times,
London, England, 2 June 2010

"Our product is the antithesis of fashion. It’s about simplicity and being natural and being long-lasting, as opposed to high-change fashion," Mr. Moon says…

Icebreaker Creates Not-So-Synthetic Fleece

Fast Company,
United States, September 2010

Icebreaker’s Realfleece repels outside moisture while absorbing perspiration, making it perfect for a fall hike.

Icebreaker Gets the Plastic Out

Backpacker Magazine,
United States, 5 January 2011

Coming soon to a retails store near you: Icebreaker socks without the that weird s-shaped clippy thing that socks are often folded over so they can hang on a display.

Talk about an Icebreaker!,
1 December 2010

For the women who run - and row, and swim, and whatever else - in the all weather conditions including the current frigid one, the right sportswear is incredibly important. So thank goodness there’s Icebreaker…

New Stores

Time Out
New York City, 25 November 2010

Just in time for the bracing winds of winter, New Zealand company Icebreaker has opened a store in Soho, ready to outfit New Yorkers with its all-natural outdoor and activewear apparel.

Sheep invade SoHo

Metro US,
6 December 2010

At a party in SoHo last week, a shirtless male model walked around wearing a plush merino sheep headpiece. No, this wasn’t a furries convention, but the opening of the first East Coast retail store of a New Zealand outdoor apparel company, Icebreaker.

Pulling the Wool Over One’s Body

Newsweek Magazine,
United States, 26 January 2008

Long a favorite of knitting grannies, merino wool is finding a new purpose in activewear, thanks to a group of innovative designers in sheep-abundant lands. Soft as cotton but much more breathable, it’s cool in summer and warm in winter…

Buyers unravel the ethics behind the label

Financial Times,
15 September 2010

In May, the Global Reporting Initiative, a network of 20,000 organisations developing a framework for corporate sustainability reporting, published "The Transparent Economy", a report that identified traceability as a key challenge in corporate reporting over the next decade.

Gear Box: Icebreaker Tech T Lite

The Adventure Blog,
12 August 2010

Sometimes the best gear is the stuff you didn’t know you needed until you had it. Such is the case with the Tech T Lite from Icebreaker, a company that makes a whole line of performance apparel using Merino Wool as its basic building blocks.

Synthetic Fleece Replacements, September 2010

Realfleece wool-based fleece may sound like an oxymoron, but the merino wool-based fleece fabric is an alternative to the usually petroleum-based synthetic material, ’fleece,’ used in the manufacture of outdoor clothing.

Icebreaker RealFleece Aspiring Zip,
9 September 2010

Sometime in the 1980s, clothing companies discovered that plastic fibers could be spun to look like wool fleece... Those were the halcyon days of plastics before anyone cared about garbage patches in the ocean, global warming or unemployed sheep.

Fabric of Choice

Modern Hiker,
11 August 2010

I’ve already written about my conversion from synthetics to merino wool while I was in New Zealand. Now it’s my fabric of choice, and I never leave for a hike without an Icebreaker t-shirt or long-sleeve in tow…

Best Base Layer

Walk Magazine,
UK, 20 February 20 2010

Best base layer award. Out of all your gold winners, Icebreaker is the manufacturer that creates some of my all-time favourite pieces of gear.

Boxers or Briefs?

Backpacker Magazine,
United States, 2010

Gear Review: Boxers or Briefs? Most Luxurious – Icebreaker Beast 150. “If you want to put your lap squarely in the lap of luxury, the Beast is the way to go. There were multiple times during an extended hike through the Sierra’s Minarets that I had to stop and try to remember if I had even put on briefs that day…”

Gear Review: Icebreaker Superfine 200

Backpacker Magazine,
United States, 5 January 2011

Gear Review: Multi-Use Shirts – Icebreaker Superfine 200 Top. This quickly became my favorite go-to top for autumn activities. Whether it was running to the store for last-minute dinner ingredients, dayhiking through fall colors, or heading to the pumpkin patch for Halloween preparations…

Best Base Layers

Ski Magazine,
October 2010, United States

Best base layers: “Icebreaker Sprint Leggings: We’re suckers for all-wool undergarments, and the Sprint Leggings are no different. Icebreaker has upped the functionality of their GT line of baselayers, so the Sprint has a tiny bit of Lycra in it…”

50 Best Winter Sports Gear

The Independent,
UK, 31 October 2009

The 50 best winter sports gear: Designed to provide extra support at the Achilles, ankle and instep, these eco-friendly merino socks give ‘unparalleled warmth and comfort’.

50 Best Skiing Essentials

The Independent,
UK, 8 November 2008

The 50 Best Skiing Essentials: “I’ve been using Icebreaker for about five years and it’s simply the best there is. Made from merino wool from New Zealand, these thermals provide unparalleled comfort and impressive warmth-to-weight ratio.”

Best in Test

Walk Magazine,
UK, 30 February 2009

Best in Test. 5 in 5. “I’m a big fan of Icebreaker and this top didn’t fail to impress. It kept me warm and the finely woven wool didn’t itch or feel uncomfortable. The women’s version has a feminine, flattering cut and the seamless underarms and flat sewn stitching on the seams makes it a great fit…

Baacode traces clothes origin

Vancouver Sun,
Canada, September 23rd, 2008

It has become de rigeur for foodies to know whence their table fare came. Now an outdoor clothing producer has opened its business wide so that consumers can trace their clothes back to their origin…


Explore our athlete testimonials and Icebreaker clothing reviews from consumers like yourself.

Athlete 2

Keeps me cool while training when my teammates are soaked and smelly.

BethAnn Chamberlain
Icebreaker Sponsored Biathlete

Athlete 4

Whether I am running, rollerskiing or cycling, Icebreaker keeps me cool with its amazing lightweight merino wool fabric in styles that are comfortable and stylish.  And did I mention you don’t have the smell that comes with all those other workout clothes.

BethAnn Chamberlain
Icebreaker Sponsored Biathlete

Athlete 5

Icebreaker’s lightweight, breathable, fabric allows me to stay cool and comfortable while training through the hot sticky summer weather.

BethAnn Chamberlain
Icebreaker Sponsored Biathlete

Athlete 7

Multi-day adventure racers need clothing that is cool during hot days, holds off the chill after dark, dries fast, and never chafes or blisters.  Icebreaker fabrics do all that.  They are perfect.

Chuck Vohsen (Team Rock Racing)
Icebreaker Sponsored Adventure Racer

Athlete 8

Endurance athletes spend many hours training in the heat and wet.  Icebreaker fabrics keep us comfortable and never feel wet or clammy.  But most important it eliminates chafing and blistering.

Chuck Vohsen (Team Rock Racing)
Icebreaker Sponsored Adventure Racer

Athlete 9

Adventure racing is a wet, sweaty, and dirty team event.  Icebreaker fabrics eliminate the odors so teammates can stay focused on the race, and not each other.

Chuck Vohsen (Team Rock Racing)
Icebreaker Sponsored Adventure Racer

Athlete 10

I combine different Icebreaker layers according to the weather and it works like magic for me!

Corrina Schwiegershausen
Women’s World Champion Hang Gliding

Athlete 11

When you have weeks between showering and washing clothes, Icebreaker socks and GT base layers keep you comfortable and smelling good.

Ian Mangiardi
Icebreaker Sponsored Long Distance Trekker

Athlete 13

I wear the long sleeves so that if I crash off the jumps it stops me from getting too bloody. Thanks Icebreaker for looking after me!

 Gustav (age 4) and Luca (age 6) just won gold and silver

Athlete 14

The kids wear their Icebreaker gear when they’re skiing, motorbiking and playing soccer. It’s by far the most useful clothing we own.

Luca’s mother

Athlete 16

I have been skiing a lot, and my Icebreaker has been keeping me nice and warm.

Finn Bilious

Athlete 17

Racing in sub-zero temps in New Hampshire, they are cozy in their Icebreaker.

Oliver’s mum Edie

Athlete 18

I have had a great season. It was really good to have all that nice Icebreaker gear. It kept me warm!

Manu Barnard
Freeskier, Wanaka, New Zealand


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