Welcome to Icebreaker’s Industry & Professional Purchase Program

We’ve pioneered the design and use of merino to meet the demands of the outdoor professionals since 1994. Our merino fiber was created by nature to protect merino sheep in the harsh environment of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. If the fiber couldn’t withstand extremes of cold and heat, the animal would die. We can’t design a better fiber, so we’ve turned nature’s merino into an all-season clothing system for professionals like you. 

We are excited for you to experience Icebreaker and enjoy the odor-resistant, easy-care, soft and non-itch fiber that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

To gain access to our program, simply fill out our online application and we’ll get back to you shortly and verify your eligibility.

Groups include:

  • Industry Professionals: Individuals who work for outdoor equipment manufacturers.
  • Outdoor Professionals: Licensed/paid outdoor guides/instructors, Professional Ski & Snowboard Instructors & Ski Patrol.
  • Media: Individuals and organizations in the broadcast, digital, print, or film industries.
  • Outdoor Education/Non-Profits: Organizations that actively serve in the outdoors or support environmental / outdoor related causes.
  • Government: Employees who serve in local and national government agencies who actively work in the outdoors. Avalanche Professionals, Search and Rescue, Military & Forest Service




  • Company email address



  • Copy of Certification Card showing full “Rock, Alpine or Ski Mountaineering ” Guide status.

Ski/Rock Climbing/Mountaineering (non AMGA/ACMG)

  • 2 Letters of Reference (1 client, 1 other guide)/ and or recommendations
  • Pay Stub if working for a reputable guide service or other documentation proving full time employment as a guide and experience.

Ski Patrol

  • NSP Certified Patrollers can qualify through NSP Partner Program with either Paid or Volunteer status and will see that option when applying.
  • Patrollers without NSP certification: You must be a Full Time Paid patroller and provide Pay stub from a resort.

PSIA Ski/Snowboard Instructor/Certified Coaches

  • PSIA/AASI Certified Instructors can qualify through PSIA/AASI Partner Program through snowpros.org and will see that option when applying.
  • Copy of Level II or III or Examiner certification card
  • Level I may be accepted with letter of reference from school director or proof of employment
  • Certified coaches must submit copies of certificates and proof of paid coaching status


  • Company email address from Station, Publisher or Newspaper
  • Copy of Pay Stub
  • Copy of Business Card
  • Copy or link to article or published work

Outdoor education & non profits

  • Scans of Marketing collateral, website, and other program related documents
  • Copies of Certifications/Affiliations


Avalanche Professionals

  • Pay Stub showing full time paid status
  • Copy of certifications

Military Unit

  • Copy of Military ID
  • Pay Stub showing full time paid status

Search and Rescue

  • Membership ID from NASAR or Regional equivalent
  • Pay Stub
  • Copy of Program Certification

Forest service (Full & Part time)

  • Copy of Employee ID
  • Copy of Pay Stub