How we design


When we’re designing a new garment, the key question for us is always: how does this perform?

It’s all about functionality – better temperature regulation, mobility, sweat management, and fit. Great design can be as simple as making sure seams don’t sit on top of each other when several garments are layered together.

“The aim is to create styles so light and unrestrictive that people feel as free as if they’re wearing nothing at all,” says Rob Achten, Vice-President of Product and Creative Director.

The design ethos is under-stated and elegant, and always has an element of surprise – interior stitching, or a print on a pocket. Icebreaker’s roots are in nature, and our designers constantly use New Zealand’s wild landscape as a source of inspiration.

Designer profile


Amy Klee is passionate about sheep (but in a good way).

I love sheep, I’m a big knitter, I used to have a border collie sheepdog and I’ve always been interested in New Zealand – so maybe it was inevitable that I ended up with Icebreaker,” says Amy, a US product designer working out of our office in Portland, Oregon.

Amy draws on her own experience as a runner, alpine skier, Nordic skier, road biker and mountain biker when designing our outdoor styles.

Everyone on the product team loves the outdoors. I can’t image designing apparel for a sport I didn’t take part in – I think I’d miss out on lots of insights.

Design ethos: A system of layers, inspired by nature, engineered to perform freely.

What we believe